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Description / Details The Amsterdam City Council, inspired by the Fearless Cities summit of Barcelona (global) and Warsaw, Brussels, New York, Valparaiso, Belgrade and Naples (these other, regional), is promoting the organization of a truly-decentralized municipalist forum in May 2021.

There are some cities interested and in conversations, some at the institutional level (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Grenoble, Leuven, Budapest...) and others led by broad movements at a local level (Berlin, Zagreb, London, Brussels, A Coruña, Göteborg, Genoa, etc).

One of the main reference when thinking about what role we want this event to play is the World Social Forum: we want a space that is not organic to anyone, without an owner, generous, open, and that it should aim to: a) generate the space for trust among different actors at the local level; b) build common agendas and narratives; and above all c) open new horizons and outline the future that we need.

As said, the inspiration and soul of the WSF have been present since we started to think about this project and we would like to present you the idea in a meeting in order to think together how we could create the biggest synergies among the WSFTE (in which I was personally involved), the Open Viral Space, the 20th anniversary of the WSF, the event in Mexico next year, etc. now even more urgent than ever due to the horizon of the climate crisis and the consequences of the COVID, so this is an invitation for starting a conversation.
Type d'activité / Type of activity / Tipo de actividad / Tipo di attività / Tipus d'activitat discussion, projection
Public / participants / público / pubblico / públic Adultes - Adult - Adultos (+18 ans)
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Nom et lien du collectif/group/organization qui propose l'activité (si applicable)// Name and link of the collective/group/organization that proposes the activity (if applicable) 99 van Amsterdam
Nom - Pseudo / Name Xavi Ferrer
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Début de l'activité / inicio de la actividad 20.12.2020
Fin de l'activité/ fin de la actividad 20.12.2020
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Synthèse / Summary / Résumen : (3 ligne / 3 line / 3 línea / 3 rigo / 3 línia) We are promoting the organization of a truly-decentralized municipalist forum in May 2021 and would like to create as much synergy as possible with other spaces and processes.
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