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Take part in the next Viral Open Space, 

an online social forum around the world, 

June 20 and 21, 2020


Born in a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Viral Open Space (VOS) offers an online Social Forum which will run from the summer solstice, on June 20, to July 5, 2020. Its first two editions (March and May 2020) hosted more than 70 activities, offered by participants from all over the world! This event-process aims to connect mobilization networks from local to global, participating in the construction of a “Global Citizen Archipelago”.

For its third edition, the VOS team is proposing an event that spans three weeks, connecting with the World Social Forum of Transforming Economies and the Dialogues in Humanity.


Dates to remember:

June 20, 2020: Opening of VOS 3 – Let’s connect our networks!

*** Meeting room | Meeting Room | Sala de encuentro:***

From June 20 to July 5: the program of the Viral Open Space is built by its participants. Consult the program regularly and suggest your activities!

June 25 to July 5: The VOS team joins the mobilization efforts towards the World Social Forum on Transforming Economies and Dialogues in Humanity.

Sunday July 5: From the local archipelago to the world archipelago? during the Dialogues in Humanity.

Sunday July 12 | 10am Montreal / Caracas – 4pm Paris (See your local time) : Closing Act of VOS3 – “Back to the future”. All these people who contributed to the organization or participated in activities during the various events are invited to share their experience and look together to the future!


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Contribute to the program freely!

The VOS program is built by its participants who offer their positive and creative citizen responses to the current crisis: Spaces to imagine some futures, spaces for support and sharing created in the context of Covid-19, artistic activities, hackathons, courses, sports activities, resource sharing, activities for children, etc. This event will be to your semblance.  The VOS facilitation group will also offer activities inviting you to come and get involved a little, or a little more, in the preparation of the next VOS that should occur in September.

If you recognize yourself as a participant in the VOS process as described in our Intention text and wish to propose an activity, you will be able to propose activities at our next event from June 20 to July 12 clicking here.


And note you will be also able to propose an activity to the next VOS that will occur on September 26-27, 2020, around the Autumn equinox!


You can join the Facebook group “The Viral Open Space” to build this inspiring event together:

If you would like to be part of the event facilitating team, contact us!


We sincerely hope that in one way or another, this event will help to make this difficult period an opportunity for the majority of us to take an important step towards societies that are more respectful, more humble, more resilient, more creative and with more solidarity