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OBJECTIVES: to build the WSFTE process in a collective and participative way, and therefore to create this open space to collect the ideas, proposals as well as the level of participation and availability in this new process that will have two main moments (June and October)

The meeting is held in collaboration with the Virtual Open Space.

The main goal is to think together about proposals for initiatives and activities that will revolve around two important moments:

– 25th of  June – 1st of July (virtual event with various activities in the form of webinars and/or meetings)

– 23rd – 25th of October (meeting within the framework of the FESC, the Solidarity Economy Fair in Catalunya). You are invited to be part of the co-construction of the process!


Type : Discussion / discusión / discussione / discussió // Echanges d’expériences / exchange of experiences or good practices / intercambio de experiencias o buenas prácticas / scambio di esperienze o buone pratiche / intercanvi d’experiències o bones pràctiques

Public : Pour toutEs/for all/para tod@s/per a tots i totes adults

More info :

Language: english, spanish, french

Date: Sunday, May, 24 at 8am Caracas/Montreal – 2pm Paris/Maputo  – 9pm Tokyo/Seul

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Link to participate in the meeting:

Register and participate in the virtual forum platform:


DURATION OF THE MEETING: 1 and a half hours -2 hours


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