0/ History: The Viral Open Space (VOS) was born in the context of COVID19. During its first edition in March 2020, it deployed a new online learning process, inspired by the experiences of World Social Forums and other transnational spaces of mobilization, as well as the method of Open Forums.

The VOS: a space and a process

1 / The Viral Open Space is an open space and process, punctuated by events. Its functions are to:

  • Allow its participants to connect around the world
  • Seek the complementarity of citizen movements around the world
  • Encourage people to take action through mutual aid, from global to local
  • Contribute to making visible positive citizen responses to ecological, social and democratic crises
  • Resist creatively and non-violently world domination in all its forms
  • Experiment with new ways of living well
  • Build new transformative visions of societies around the world.

2 / The Viral Open Space is a global process, decentralized and respectful of life as a whole.

3 / The Viral Open Space is an open space that respects pluralism and the diversity of commitments and actions of those who take part in it, as long as they respect this Text of Intent. No discrimination based on gender, ethnicities, cultures, generations and physical capacities will be tolerated.

4 / The Viral Open Space participates in the construction of a global citizen archipelago, like a vision of our ecosystem across the ocean that connects. The identities / roots of one and the other can thus be respected and become fruitful without being isolated and drying up. It is the possibility for our humanity to be at the same time One, while acknowledging itself Plural.

5 / The Viral Open Space process is a common good of its participants none of who can claim to own it. It is based on volunteering and transparency.

6 / The Viral Open Space is a plural, non-denominational, non-governmental space.

Contribute to Facilitation or Content in the VOS

7 / As a virtual space, the Viral Open Space depends on digital tools to deploy. The various stakeholders agree to favor as much as possible tools based on free software, decentralized open-source systems and the protection of personal data.

8 / The Viral Open Space methodology distinguishes:

  • the facilitators acting for the animation of the process and the organization of events.
  • the participants who propose the contents of the Viral Open Space through self-managed activities and transformative action initiatives.
    • The participants are individuals, or formal or informal networks.
    • The activities presented by individual aim to build something collective. In the event of logistical limitations, priority is given to the activities proposed by networks
    • All participants will promote the complementarity of intellectual, sensitive or artistic, and even physical, approaches, despite the constraint of the screen.
    • All of them direct their action through decisions based on seeking consent.

9 / Decision-making mode for the facilitation of the Viral Open Space process:
When a decision relates to the Viral Open Space process as a whole, there must be a separate process to endorse it, which must be inclusive, based on consent.

The following can participate in decisions:

  • Those who were facilitators of the previous Viral Open Space, according to a mutual designation made during the assessment of the VOS event
  • Those who have already participated in 2 facilitation meetings of the upcoming VOS event process, organized by the facilitators identified at the end of the previous event

10 / The facilitators do not organize activities on behalf of the Viral Open Space. They can of course propose and organize activities, in their own name, as participants.

Participate in the VOS process-space

11 / The Viral Open Space is conceived as a space for mutual learning, where singularities are taken care of by respecting the diversity of cultures and languages. The participants in the Viral Open Space undertake as much as possible to develop their activities in different languages, to favor various modes of expression.

12 / The participants, like the facilitators, recognize themselves in this Text of Intent and undertake to widely disseminate the results of the activities carried out in the Viral Open Space by the means available to them. They will not impose guidelines, hierarchies, censorship or restrictions.

13 / The Viral Open Space is not conceived as the only alternative of articulation and action of those who participate in it.

14 / No person or structure can claim to be representative of those who participate in the process. Any declaration about the Viral Open Space by people who participated in the process (or not) is only committing them. In the frame of the self-organized activities in the VOS, declarations signed by those who wish to do so allow for collective expression.

15 / Party representations, or armed organizations cannot participate in the Viral Open Space, as such. Government members and parliamentarians who recognize themselves as participants, as described in this Intention Text, may be invited to participate, in personal capacity.