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Understand the whole event

Presentation of the VOS universe of digital spaces

  • Website to find all the information including the program and the rooms
  • Facebook: to share
  • Open Forum: to contribute, read, like constructive discussions
  • Zoom: to hear and speak during the plenary sessions

Time presentation

An Open Forum … all the time!



4 plenary sessions all together on Zoom and the Open Forum

see details


Lots of workshops

See calendar, spaces and tools

Focus on the Open Forum

The intention is to provide solutions to the 4 chosen themes and beyond

To do this, we suggest that you structure the debates:

  • Diagnosis, Issues, Needs
  • Proposals, Solutions, Concrete Ideas
    • arguments for
    • arguments against
  • Sharing who you are, your projects, your resources, your needs
  • Theoretical references, links


What can I do

  • Listen to the plenary sessions on Zoom
  • Speak in plenary sessions on Zoom
  • See, like, share, contribute, respond to discussions on plenary topics on Open Forum
  • Participate in a workshop (on the workshop tool)
  • See, like, share, contribute to discussions on workshop topics on Open Forum
  • Share on Facebook
  • Come and help the Open Forum animation team to bring out collective intelligence from the discussions

What impact does liking have?

  • Increase posts

What impact to share?

  • Make visible, inspire, make you want to join

What does the VOS animation team do?

  • in Zoom
    • collects requests to speak
    • facilitates process
  • in Open Forum
    • writes what speakers say during the plenary
    • links these words and the contributions of the participants in the appropriate ideas branches
    • structures the ideas branches
    • writes and publishes the summaries
  • helps project leaders to prepare their room

The Open Forum step by step

Video tutorial chain

Channel of tutorial videos to understand the Open Forum step by step:

Access to Open Forum

On an Internet browser go to Open Forum or type


Understanding the screen

  • Choice of interface language: top right


  • the idea tree
    • fold / unfold by clicking on the + and – to the left of the ideas branches
    • see in mind map mode
      • Unfold “Idea” panel by clicking on “<” on the far right, upwards where there is the light bulb
      • Click on an idea branch
      • in the “Idea” panel click on the small pictogram to the right of “Share”


  • discussions (related to each branch of idea)
    • author / title / text / responses
    • related ideas:
      • originally “This message is related to idea” xxxxx
    • manual link: passing over the text with the mouse
  • sharing to social networks
  • fold / unfold threads
  • Sorting: at the very top of the panel
    • Recently active discussion thread
    • Recent messages first


Tip: Click on a branch to display the related messages


  • the syntheses
    • banner at the top when there is a published summary, or branch at the top


Contribute in the Open Forum

Create an account

  • enter your Name and email
  • click on link sent by email
  • will recognize your default language and display the menus according to it
  • accept the general conditions
  • Click on the “Join the conversation” button


Write in a discussion on a branch of idea

  • Click on a branch to display the related messages


  • Reply
    • type your answer
    • click on the “Send” button


  • Create a new thread / discussion
    • type your title
    • type your text
    • choose the place where it will be posted:
      • 1) general conversation
      • 2) on the current idea (default) which creates a permanent link between this message and the branch (and all its replies)
    • click on the “Send” button


  • Sort messages, at the very top of the panel
    • Recently active discussion thread
    • Recent messages first
  • Other sorts, filters and other options: “More options” at the top right of the panel
    • Several sorting choices
    • Several ways to display messages
    • Multiple filters
      • Tip: filter “messages sent since the last synthesis”, “messages not yet associated with an idea”, “my messages”, “messages in response to my contributions”
      • Remove by clicking on “X”
  • Sort by contributor by clicking on his name found in the messages


Tip: You can also simply send an email to

Your text will be automatically in “Messages to organize”